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Traditional Animation - National School of Cinema, Turin  

Classical Piano Degree

High School Degree in Fine Arts



WORK EXPERIENCES (in chronological order, from the most recent)

"Harold and the Purple Crayon", Feature film, Sony - 2D Animator (Harmony)

"Ember", Feature film, The Spa Studios, Madrid - Lead 2D Animator (Harmony/Blender)

"Space Jam 2", Feature film, Deluxe Animation, Toronto - 2D Animator

"Tom & Jerry", TV Series, Renegade Animation, Los Angeles - Storyboard Artist (2 episodes, 6 mins each)

"Tom & Jerry – Cowboy Up", feature film, Renegade Animation, Los Angeles - Storyboard Artist

"Terrahawks", TV Series Trailer, Tiny Giants, Los Angeles - Storyboard Artist

"Swampies", TV Series Pilot, Tiny Giants, Los Angeles - Storyboard Artist (single episode, 11 mins)

"ODD", TV Series Trailer, ForFun Media, Milano - 2D Animator

"Shelf Life", TV Series Pilot, Tiny Giants, Los Angeles -
Storyboard Artist (single episode, 11 mins)

"Powerbirds", TV Series, Brown Bag Manchester - Storyboard Artist (2 episodes, 11 mins each)

"Klaus", Feature Film, The SPA Studios, Madrid - Lead Animator (more than 3 minutes of footage)

"Talking Tom and Friends", Arx Anima - Storyboard Artist (2 episodes, 11 mins each)

"Nella the Princess Knight", TV Series, Brown Bag Manchester - Storyboard Artist (24 episodes, 11 mins each)

"Grief Encounters", Short Film, Munky Kings, Storyboard Artist (single episode, 11 mins)

"Nano Squad", Pilot Episode, Tiny Giants, Storyboard Artist (single episode, 11 mins)

"LEGO Nexo Knights", TV Series, M2 Entertainment - Storyboard Artist (9 half episodes, 12 mins each)

"Wanda and the Alien", TV Series, Mackinnon & Saunders -
Storyboard Artist (13 episodes, 11 mins each)

"Song of the Sea", Feature Film, Cartoon Saloon -
Character animator

"Mansour", TV Series, Fanar Production - Episodic Director,
Storyboard Artist (10 episodes, 11 mins each)

"Joe & Jack", TV Series, A Man & Ink -
Storyboard Artist (6 episodes, 6 mins each)

"Fungi", Tv Series, Storfisk -
Storyboard Artist (9 episodes, 11 mins each)

"Rikki Doom", Tv series project, Disney - Cartoon Saloon -
Flash Animator

"Monster High", Web series, Kavaleer -
Flash Animator

"Gravity Falls", TV series trailer for Disney - House of Cool -
Flash Animator

"Verne on Vacation", first episode, TV series for Cartoon Network -
Storyboard Artist

"Top Cat" - Feature film, Cartoon Saloon -
Flash Animator

"Garth & Bev" - TV series for BBC -
Storyboard Artist

"Spike Team" - TV series for RAI tv -
Storyboard Artist

"Verne on vacation" - TV Pilot episode for Cartoon Network -
Flash Animator

"Wibbly Pig" - TV SERIES for BBC Television -
Storyboard Artist (10 episodes, 11 mins each)

"Monsters and Pirates" - TV SERIES for Ferrero Spa -
Storyboard Artist

Flash Animator

"The Secret of Kells" - FEATURE FILM for Cartoon Saloon/Vivi Film/Les Armateur -
Character animator (both traditional and Flash technique)

TomTom TV Commercial -
Flash Animator

"Skunk Fu!", TV SERIES for BBC, Super Rtl, Warner Bros -
Flash animator, Background artist


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Blender, Toon Boom Harmony, Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, Animate, Photoshop



SPOKEN LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Italian



OTHER PROFESSIONS: Classical pianist



HOBBIES : Retrogaming, Simracing







It was my pleasure to have Alfredo Cassano as one of the Lead Animators in the Academy Award Nominated film “Klaus”. If you have chance to convince him to work on your animated project, you’d be a fool not to take it. I’ve rarely encountered such talent, professionalism and human quality in a single person. Take him or I will!”

(Sergio Pablos, director of Klaus, The Spa Studios)



Alfredo Cassano has been working as a storyboard artist on the animated series Wibbly Pig, for the BBC and TVO. I've previously worked with Alfredo on another show and was eager to work with him again. Afredos work is of an extremely high standard, rarely found in TV animation today. He's a hugely talented draftsmen. He has a natural sense of composition and his timing and posing is superb. I've worked in animation for 20 years and worked with some great artists. I'm pleased to say Alfredo is way up there with the best of them. I look forward to working with Alfredo again in the future."  

 (Jez Hall Series director Wibbly Pig) 



Working with Alfredo was a real pleasure. He was animating on a short film I directed for Cartoon Network and I was glad he was involved in it. Alfredo is really motivated, optimistic and dedicated to his work as well as very talented. On top of that he's fast and reached the deadline without problems.He did a tremendous amount of work in a limited time, keeping the quality high. As a director I could totally rely on him, he gave the best he could on the project and welcomed any feedback or suggestions about his work in a professional way. I'll ask Alfredo to work with me whenever I can in the future, and I would recommend him to anybody.”  


(Sylvain Marc -  Director, Development Artist (designer, animator, compositor) at Cartoon Network Development Studio, London)  



Alfredo is the best storyboard artist I've ever had the absolute pleasure of working with. In fact he's my first choice what ever project I'm working on! Unfortunately many other people feel exactly as I do cause it's very rare that he is available... but in those moments where he is it's like magic! He sees film, characters and story with the passion and enthusiasm that you'd only hope and wish all of your team did. His ability to tell a complex action sequence through a few brilliant panels makes working with him such a pleasure and his moments of capturing character and comedy make him an invaluable member of any team. I think he should run for President!

(Stu Gamble - Creator, Director for Tiny Giants, Lego, Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon)



"Alfredo Cassano worked in Cartoon Saloon as a character animator on the "Brendan and the Secret of Kells" feature film.  

He primarily animated the lead character Brendan. Alfredo has an excellent understanding of timing and the mechanics of animation, bringing many subtle nuances to every scene he animates.  

His drawing skills are excellent and he set a high standard on the lead character for other animators on the production to follow. He works well in a team and takes direction well.   

Alfredo worked on a number of sequences in Flash and brought many technical solutions to the table that were not always anticipated by the production. He is solution orientated and has a strong grasp of the fundamentals of animation which is evident no matter what style or medium he works in.  

It was a pleasure to work with him."  


(Tomm Moore, Director "The Secret of Kells" and "Song of the Sea", Cartoon Saloon)  




"Alfredo's work on the feature is of a very high standard and we are delighted with his input to the film, which spanned over 20 hand drawn scenes as well as on Flash sequences. He worked well as part of a team but was equally well able to work on his own.  

Alfredo's talent, versatility and sensitivity to any material he is given, means I have no hesitation in recommending him."  


(Nora Twomey, Co-Director of "The Secret of Kells", Co-Director of Cartoon Saloon Ltd.)  




To whom it may concern; I found working with Alfredo to be one of the more enjoyable aspects of working on 'Kells' where he proved to be not only an excellent animator, storyboarder and posing artist but also a very efficient,well liked and generous artist who consistently raised the bar with his work and welcomed any feedback or suggestions that would enhance the project. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Alfredo again and would not hesitate to recommend him for any storyboard or animation position. He is indeed a maestro!” October 26, 2009 

(Barry Reynolds, Character Designer, Concept Designer, Model Supervisor, Key Animation Supervisor - Cartoon Saloon Ltd.)  



"As Head of the Clean-up Department on “Brendan And The Secret Of Kells”, I got to work very closely with Alfredo Cassano and was extremely impressed  by his professionalism and dedication throughout the duration of the production. Alfredo consistently managed to combine excellent animation with the unique design features of “Brendan”, a balance which most animators on this particular production had difficulty achieving.  

The extra effort which Alfredo made to assist other departments in maintaining the unique style of “Brendan” was greatly appreciated, resulting in some of the most visually impressive scenes of the film.  

It’s been my pleasure to work with Alfredo, both as a person and as an artist.   

I think any production would benefit hugely by having him as part of their team."  


(Martin Fagan, Head of Clean-up Department on “The secret of Kells” - Cartoon Saloon)  




"Alfredo Cassano has been an influential member of Cartoon Saloon's core-team during the production of the feature film "Brendan and the Secret of Kells".  

He was responsible for character animation in some of the most demanding sequences on this movie. Alfredo was involved in the character animation from early on and was thus able to give other animators an insight into the nature of the construction of the main characters.  

Alfredo produced beautiful animation during his time on the production, with a great sense for acting and timing, always based on his solidly constructed drawings and thorough research.  

He was also responsible for combining 2d animation scenes with flash, which he mastered already on Cartoon Saloon's TV show Skunk Fu!, produced entirely in Flash.  

Alfredo showed enthusiasm and professionalism with any task he was given.  

Not only has Alfredo been a great professional to work with, but also a good team player with an outstanding character. He is a very popular member of our team.  

I can absolutely recommend Alfredo and can say that any studio working with him will benefit greatly from his abilities." 


(Fabian Erlinghauser, Animation Supervisor on "The Secret of Kells" - Cartoon Saloon) 




"Alfredo's specialty is traditional animation, but he easily mastered the software and techniques of Skunk Fu! show (flash animation).Alfredo's animations are still used as a benchmark of quality in the studio.   

After preproduction, we needed background artists. Alfredo emerged as the strongest artist of the background crew. A great colorist, there was several innovations he came up with that improved quality and efficiency. We were sad to see him go when the feature production needed him again.  

I can fully recommend Alfredo. His work ethic and talent will make him an excellent addition to any production."   


(Aidan Harte, Skunk Fu! Director -  





I had the pleasure of over seeing work by Alfredo whilst working at Cartoon Saloon in Ireland. I found his work to be of the highest order and would be happy to work with him again. Alfredo is a veritable power house of resources who could take an idea from a scrap of paper to a finished product. With exellent animation skills, great design sense and all round understanding of what is necessary in making cartoons I feel there is little he cannot accomplish given the chance. On a personal level I find he is quick to laughter and all round good company. I recommend Alfredo most highly and would have no problem alligning my name with his. Mick Harrison (art director, Skunk Fu)” October 27, 2009  

(Mick Harrison, Cartooner, Cartoon Saloon). 



"We love Alfredo's work! His animation was always beautifully done, with attention to detail and charismatic flare. It was a pleasure working with him!"  

(Lillian Chan, Animation Director for "Gravity Falls" at House of Cool, Toronto) 



It's been a great experience working with Alfredo for our "Fungi" series. Alfredo is an exceptional storyboarder. His work is creative, tidy and elegant. Working with talented storyboarders like Alfredo saves lots of time and the whole process just flows smoothly. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative” October 17th, 2011 

(Veronica Lassenius, Storfisk, Director) 




"In my humble opinion Alfredo is a great addition to any production. His work on Joe & Jack as a storyboard artist was exemplarily as he always produced work of an extremely high quality and soon became our go to boarder for more difficult shows. He always kept the production personnel informed of delivery times and possible adjustments he might have needed to make to them. Both our Animatic and Layouts Departments always looked forward to working on Alfredo's boards and his level of drawing and detail in each board certainly helped reduce heart ache and delays for subsequent departments.I look forward to working with him again and will do my best to have him on our next production." 

(Jeremy Purcell, A Man & Ink, Director) 



"Alfredo Cassano has made an excellent work storyboarding some episodes of "Fungi". He is a very skilled illustrator, and a good animator too. 
Tidy and precise, he would always bring interesting ideas, give life to the characters and solve narration problems. I look forward to working with Alfredo again soon!." 

(Pablo Jordi, Director, Co-founder Pikkukala) 




"I met Alfredo a few years ago and I knew then he was a great storyboard artist. When we met again in Storfisk I just was so confident everything was going to be so easy I simply enjoyed his work. 
He has a delicious sensitivity to narrate, characters become persons on his works. 
Always on time, always ready to make improvements, always with a smile. 
Unforgettable. ." 


(Itziar Etxarri Romo, Director of Production - Storfisk)